Yuzumania is upon us!

... OJ Futures at 375!! 📈

When one says “No year is the same in the juice industry”… they are not lying. Crazy times, crazy prices and from the information received in Antwerp today, the coming period will be, well, interesting (I’m being diplomatic here).

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Today’s Juice News

Britvic successfully completes transaction with GlobalBev to acquire energy brand Extra Power. As part of the transaction, Britvic will acquire three additional brands – Flying Horse, Juxx and Amazoo.

Here's the Best Yuzu Stuff to Stock Your Pantry: From cocktail mixers and yuzu matcha to yuzu hot sauce and living vinegar, here are some good entry points into the tart, tasty Asian fruit.

PepsiCo is accused of advertising Ceres as “100% juice” with “no preservatives” while the drink actually contains ascorbic acid, an artificial Vitamin C that acts as a preservative.

Yep… it’s going that way.

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