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Since 2014, Juice News has been delivering juice industry news on a daily basis.

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“I enjoy reading juice news because it brings relevant industry and market related news straight to my inbox. No need to go browse or search for it.”

Niels van RensburgInternational Sales Manager, Granor Passi

“Juice News is a great daily newsflash which takes you only a few seconds to read and just 1 click if you are interested in more details.”

Marc van LeuvenSales Manager, Isobionics

“Juice News is a very reliable daily source of information, not only in juices, but also in the wider citrus ingredients, flavor and fragrance world. Highly recommended!”

Tony BatcupDirector New Business, MCI Miritz Citrus

“Every day, when I receive the Juice News Newsletter I‘m keen to scan the headlines. Many of them trigger interest as they give an interesting insight about what the big market players do, things that you usually never hear about. Crop reports are communicated and easy to access. This is very convenient when you are very busy and could have forgotten an important release date. Very helpful is the communication of several market and science studies which you are following – you’re kept well up to date. Juice News is a helpful tool to keep your information level on a more detailed worldwide scale.”

Moritz CarrièreCEO, Carrière GmbH

“Juice News provides the latest news on a daily basis in a clear and short presentation – very efficient! I recommend it as it is the best possibility to stay informed in today’s juice business.”

Stefan ReissCEO, green coco Europe

“We would certainly recommend Juice News as it brings us a wide selection of interesting and informative articles in a condensed, brief and simple to navigate format. The choice is simply whether to click through the link or not - Perfect for busy people looking to get relevant information in a hurry.”

Adrian ElseOwner & Managing Director, The Orchard Organisation

“Juice News is an excellent ‘executive summary’ of news relative to the industrial fruit juice supply chain. I have been a subscriber since its inception and greatly value the information.”

Webb TannerCEO, Food Partners

“Juice News is a fantastic tool allowing me to focus on what news I need to be aware of on a daily basis. Its like they know exactly what I need to be aware of. I consider it a must review each and every day.”

Chris EnglishExecutive Vice President, Bontoux

“I start my day with Juice News and coffee, it saves me time selecting among some much information and with many colleagues we end up talking about many of those news. Thank you.”

Nicolas SternbergCommercial Manager, Real fruit SRL