Do you remember 2014?

I do. Seems long time ago and to a certain extent it is.

I was reading Foodnews. Email updates on a daily basis, paper edition on a weekly basis, be it with a couple of days delay, as it came to Rotterdam from the UK.

We had just received the new invoice for another year subscription. Too much. A super high price for the convenience of information, but information that would eventually become available through other channels as well.

I was dabbling with websites and the idea of a newsletter arose. Simple, clean headlines of articles I would send to business relations anyhow, zooming in on what is relevant to the juice and beverage industry. It did not take long to put it together and Juice News was born.

22 to 1500

Where the first readership consisted of 22 recipients, nowadays Juice News is read by about 1500 professionals from the industry, with an additional number of readers who receive it secondhand or read it (partly) online.

What this newsletter does

Over time, more and more people started to appreciate the simplicity and readability of this curated content newsletter. It’s easy to digest, curated by an industry expert with good ties on both supply and demand side, and gives decision-makers and any stakeholder in the juice and beverage industry the right reference, insights and news.

Also, professionals are not afraid to reach out: ask for connections, insights and products. While the latter is something I do less and less, I still see the upside of connecting the right people, as the mutual satisfaction rate is super high.

Who am I? Jan van Iperen

You can read the full story on my personal website, but this is the short version:

Coming from a family business as brokers and agents in the juice, beverage and ingredients industry, I slowly moved to the advisory and consultancy side of the business.

Currently active as VP Business Development for Sierra Agra USA, an inspiring initiative in California’s Central Valley. We upcycle undervalued fruits and vegetables, transform them to juices, concentrates, purées, oils and essences. I’m super proud to be involved with a project that intrinsically impacts environment and community.

My newsletters and niche industry driven (hobby) projects remain continuous channels for extension of my network, knowledge and access. Moreover, I’m a student of life, so love to keep learning and improving.

In any case, thanks for reading this. Thanks for visiting the site and perhaps signing up. I hope you are happy with what you find and if not, or if something is missing, please do reach out. I’m behind hello at this domain.