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Sustainability in Juices and Beverages... staple for 2024?

... or is AI the answer to everything??

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Today’s Juice News

2023 is shaping up to be an intriguing year for the Chilean stone fruits industry. With a noticeable increase in production from 2022 to 2023, exporters are focused on expanding their sales in current markets and exploring new horizons, driven by the growing popularity of these fruits.

Offshoot Brands, a visionary entity fostering plant-forward brands like Love Beets, Genuine Coconut, and Veggie Confetti, and Canadian-based LOOP Mission, a formidable force against food waste and producer of cold-pressed juices, announce their exclusive partnership into the U.S. market, blending sustainable, innovative beverage options with a powerful environmental ethos.

CP Kelco’s Nutrava Citrus Fiber has been certified as an upcycled ingredient by the Upcycled Food Association, which offers the first third-party certification program worldwide. The association defines upcycled products as those containing food that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains and positively impact the environment.

Without a packaging legislation that is supportive of reuse, refill and recycling as complementary solutions, industry faces major difficulties in meeting its circularity obligations, and the future of currently-effective recycling systems could be seriously compromised.

Although EFSA’s final version of the scientific opinion on fruit juice has greatly improved from the draft version, a comprehensive and granular analysis based on fruit juice type provides additional information that is not present in EFSA’s final version.

As part of a new marketing project, major beverage company Ito En is using the AI-generated actress in its 15-second commercial for Oi Ocha Catechin Green Tea, in what it claims is the first of its kind in Japan.

Sly is the first company to make natural energizers and relaxers that balance our circadian rhythms. They knew their product was perfect for the ever growing gamer community, but Interact Brands knew there was potential for it to be so much more, to be a brand for anyone with an instinct for play.

Bonsoy’s new Sparkling Coconut Water product brings with it a new health-conscious lift in addition to the bubbly coconut experience. All natural, no nasties, using Certified Organic Coconut water, and Vegan certified.

This study serves as a valuable theoretical reference for the development of enzymes aimed at detoxifying PAT in fruit and their derivatives.

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