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Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Prices are Surging. How High Could They Go?

... and another class-action lawsuit. Now zooming in on Ascorbic Acid.

There were enough people walking around ICBC who have seen the highs and the lows of the FCOJ market throughout the years… But we’re breaking records every week now. The big question is: How high will it go? What is the breaking point?

Today’s Juice News

OJ prices are in dangerous territory above $3 per pound, but the trend remains bullish, and higher highs are possible.

Florida faces the prospect of potential shortages due to its reduced orange crop, which has led to price escalations.

enfinity functions more consistently than caffeine, leading to fewer side effects, greater enjoyability, improved mood and a more focused mindset.

The fact that the ascorbic acid acts as a preservative is more important than Bolthouse Farms’ intention in adding ascorbic acid to the products as a form of Vitamin C, the Bolthouse Farms juice class action says.

Ekumfi Fruits and Juices can be confidently referenced as the largest Natural fruit processing factory in the West African sub region, capable of producing approximately 200 tons of fruits daily.

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