Non-alcoholic beers are rising

.. and facts and research shape the ways we can adjust the course of our industry.

Thanks for those voting for deep dive topics at the bottom of this post. Keep ‘m coming! Today’s edition is a bit more focused on trends and research.
To chime in with some AI: This is an intro ChatGPT wrote based on today’s headlines:

"The beverage industry isn't just quenching thirst; it's pioneering a revolution. Are you keeping pace? With non-alcoholic beers rising as a wellness trend, bold defiance in flavor and color choices, and a pressing shift towards sustainable packaging, the industry is reshaping consumer values and environmental consciousness. Technological innovations in drink formulations and processing are not just future fantasies but present realities. This is not just about drinks; it's a call to rethink our choices and their impacts. Are you ready to sip from the cup of change?"


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