Oh bummer.

No juice today.

There are days - just like in every business - that are, well, dull.

In the feed of articles I sift through for you every day… I found 3 that had some flesh to the bones, but barely. Out of more than 200!
I’ll keep them for tomorrow.

But while I have your attention: I’m collecting questions for a deep dive on “sugar reduction in fruit juices”.

This topic is fascinating on multiple levels, yet leaves many people in our industry without clear answers to basic questions.

Sugar reduction, de-sugaring… if it triggers your intrigue, hit reply and ask the questions that are burning with this topic.
Anonymized and grouped I will use your questions as input for my research phase and outreach to key industry players and experts on this matter.

That’s it. I’m looking forward to hear what you want to know about (industrial) sugar reduction!