Juices are becoming more holistic

.. packaging faces both challenges and opportunities.

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Today’s Juice News

Ocean Spray® Zero Sugar Juice Drink will be available in two flavors, Ocean Spray's iconic Cranberry flavor and Mixed Berry, a new flavor to the brand's beverage portfolio. Made with real fruit juice and sweetened with stevia, Zero Sugar is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company, the world-class juice brand known for crafting clean-label, mindfully sourced artisanal blends, today announced the introduction of two tomato-centric blends: Red Tomato Reishi and Green Tomato Lion's Mane. The expansion of Natalie's Holistic Juice Portfolio is a natural evolution for the brand that has been handcrafting unrivaled juices for more than 30 years.

“Consistent with our announcement during our second-quarter earnings, we are executing our portfolio optimization strategy to strengthen our capital structure,” said IFF CEO Frank Clyburn. “Aligned with our best-owner mindset, the proposed sale of our Cosmetic Ingredients business to Clariant will allow us to focus on our core businesses, maximizing growth and returns.”

No longer selling orange juice, but selling orange cordial instead for the same price of $5.15 for a small. [note: location unknown, this is a reddit post, so please be prepared for possible foul language.]

PFAS are dubbed "forever chemicals" because they persist in groundwater and human tissue for years. The federal government is attempting to set a maximum contaminant level for PFAS, even as groups call the move premature. Much of the research regarding their effect on the human body is disputed.

In response to inflationary headwinds, the beverage major stepped up focus on returnable glass bottles segment as well as affordable small packs across categories. HCCB, in its RoC filing, noted that it ramped up strategic investments on entry packs such as 150-ml Tetra packs, 200-ml returnable glass bottles as well as 250-ml PET bottles.

Through a series of fast-paced interviews, panels, and presentations in a single productive day, Future Smarts illuminates coming opportunities and challenges for our dynamic industry. Speakers identify urgent trends and market forces that will drive business performance during the next three to five years – and in some cases longer.

Toine Janssen, CEO of Isobionics: "This is a major milestone for us and for the flavor industry, as it is the first time that two natural flavors are being launched and marketed together. Building on our cutting-edge fermentation technology we can constantly expand our natural flavor portfolio beyond our well-established citrus products to address further customer and market demands."

The next-gen bottle rolling off the production line next year will be made from 85% paper (14g) and 15% HDPE barrier (2.6g), offering a durable and splash resistant package. It will be made from FSC certified paper and will be as recyclable as paper packaging. Available in 500ml and 330ml, the packaging can be enhanced with decoration – such as embossing and debossing – offering a ‘unique haptic and shelf impact from paper bottle surface look and feel – engaging consumers from the first touch’.

The results presented in this research confirm that biosynthesized NPs can be promising candidates in catalytic, antioxidant, and anticancer applications.

To address the worldwide trends toward sustainable packaging, beverage-makers should consider packaging manufacturing systems that help reduce their carbon footprint while also leveraging cost optimization.

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