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Letter of the Label and the Letter of the Law... Is it getting gnarly?

... and Coke trials making bottle tops from CO2 emissions!

I do not know about you, but I have this feeling that (especially in the US) there a growing and negative trend of consumers (ab)using lawsuits to put brands under pressure. Yes, labelling should be 100% accurate, but these class-action lawsuits are creating collateral damage as well.

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Today’s Juice News

Consumers recently filed class action lawsuits involving false advertising claims against PepsiCo, Bolthouse Farms, Walmart, Wegmans Food Market and Target. Why: Consumers claim the companies falsely advertise their canned fruit or fruit juice products have no preservatives and/or contain 100% juice.

As a Black man who rose through corporate America to become CEO and Chairman of Jamba Juice, James D. White has thought a lot about equity, inclusion and racial justice. Last year, he co-wrote a book with his daughter Krista called Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Transform Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World.

Daemmon's retirement comes after 32 years with Treatt, the last 11 years as CEO. He has agreed with the Board that he will step down from his role on 31 December 2023 and will step down immediately from Treatt's Nomination Committee.

Coca-Cola has unveiled plans to make its bottle tops from carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere. The firm - one of the world's biggest users of plastic - is funding a three-year trial at Swansea University as part of the company's target of net zero by 2040. Much of its current plastic packaging is made cheaply, from fossil fuels.

Flow Beverage Corp. has entered into a three-year contract manufacturing agreement with Joyburst Beverages Inc. that guarantees annual production of 15 million Joyburst Hydration branded beverage units, which will be produced at Flow’s production facility in Aurora, Ont.

RepliHue’s red algae is produced sustainably, capturing carbon dioxide and harnessing light as an energy source.

In a year where prices have already risen so much, and people have to watch their pennies closely, this could be catastrophic for pure fruit juice sales. Not all producers will survive that.

REBBL is expanding its functional beverage portfolio with WELLNESS, a line of juice-based products. The drinks are formulated with organic fruits, greens and 4,700 mgs of Aquamin calcified sea algae to provide immune system benefits, improve the gut microbiome and combat inflammation to support joint and bone health, according to the company.

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