Introducing Juice News PRO

After almost 9 years... it is time for an upgrade and a change.

Juice News in its current form is almost 9 years old. Now I am launching a new version: Juice News PRO. For a limited time, you can upgrade by clicking here (and automagically receive 60% discount on the yearly plan, indefinitely) or keep reading to know what to expect.

Juice News has been free since 2014. It is send to about 1,300 readers every weekday. That's about 150,000 emails every month. Doing that safely and securely while respecting your privacy requires tools and services from renowned providers.

Juice News Pro is a tremendous backend upgrade and allows to bring you more value. And as in the juice industry, value and quality come with a price tag.

  1. The free version of Juice News remains, yet will no longer have the summaries (So it is headlines only, this part will be displayed above the paywall, so always available.)

  2. If you want advanced features, AI-generated summaries, search functionality and (soon) access to the Juice News Directory with thousands juice industry stakeholders' info listed, you can choose to pay $29,– monthly or $249,– per year.

Juice News Pro is available now. As the features and services of Juice News Pro grow, so will its price. Till November 1st, 2023, you get 60% off indefintely (with a yearly subscription). 🙊


I was a Juice News reader already… now what?
You know what you have been getting… and it only gets better. In the top right corner menu, you can login with the email address at which you receive the daily juice news editions.

Why am I seeing a different email address?
Sending email at this volume and frequency is something to treat very carefully. The new platform uses - for a short period of time - an additional email address to make sure these emails do not end up in the spam folder.
You see either [email protected] or [email protected]. Over the coming weeks it will only be the former.

Where are all the old posts?
The new platform gives a lot of new possibilities, but the import of old posts still needs manual intervention… they will be converted in batches over the coming weeks.

Why are you charging now?
When you’re good at something… never do it for free. The upgrades and new features are worth it, for you. I’ve been planning on some extra functionality and service towards my readers and network for a long time. Paid subscriptions allow for that development.

What’s happening with 🍋 citreae?
citreae will follow this path in the coming weeks. It’s build differently at the backend, but will soon make the shift. The citreae Lifetime members that onboarded long time ago already will be the first to be notified.

Why am I seeing full posts on
In order to give everyone a good idea of what the non-restricted version looks like, (some) old posts will be available to both paying and non-paying subscribers.