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How do you address your ESG goals in your company?

... and apple juice prices remain high. 🍎

The dynamics of today’s juice and beverage market are influenced by a plethora of factors… Am I getting old or is it more complicated than 15 years ago? Mother Nature, diseases, higher demand for sustainability proof, consumers’ concerns… international politics, wars and supply chain issues all around. What is your biggest concern?

Today’s Juice News

Many consumers consider ESG (environmental, social and governance) concerns when making a purchase. 2D barcodes like QR codes offer a seamless way for brands to share relevant information about where a product came from and how it was made, helping their offerings stand out among the competition.

In China, apple juice concentrate production for the 2022/23 marketing year is estimated to be in the range of 250,000 to 300,000 tonnes, which is half the usual production volume in a typical year.

The study concludes with a straightforward analytical method for the determination of total vitamin C content that does not involve timing consuming steps i.e., reduction or derivatization reaction. The method can be implemented in quality control labs for routine analysis of food samples.

Seraphim Social Beverage is a women-owned premium, non-alcoholic social beverage brand that is revolutionizing the industry.

Several consumer studies have shown that consumers are looking for a more sustainable energy lift, perceiving a healthier beverage as not containing caffeine or taurine.

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