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🧃 Coke fights lawsuit over Minute Maid juice boxes

... and most US apples are juiced.

Happy Friday!

Let’s start with the results from yesterday’s poll:

📊 Poll: ICBC needs a new location

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ✅ Yes! (54.55%)

🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨⬜️ ⛔️ No!

Results were actually quite close… with a slight majority for Yes.

Some of the additional feedback regarding the location:

✅ Yes!

  • “Orlando. This topic has been discussed before ICBC committee meetings and it’s time that the committee seriously consider a larger venue.”

  • “Someplace not on a barrier island, that requires transiting a causeway, would be nice as well.”

  • “DIsney/Orlando: Plenty of big venues to choose from”

  • “The conference should be held in a larger hotel that is able to accommodate the growing number of participants on a yearly basis.”

⛔️ No!

  • “Great Location”

  • “Very few attendees (percentage wise) attend the talks. I believe the current venue adds to the large participation. ”

  • “Stop spreading rumors. ”

Overall and from my personal conversations at the event, I think that most want a proper place to have a meeting that is not too noisy. It would make sense if the Sheraton for the ICBC event days allocates all rooms only to attendees and have all suites available. Weather permitting there should be more shaded places to have meetings outside; that was something that this worked perfectly at the shaded tables at the pool.
Key is efficiency for the meetings, as that is where the most value is for all attendees.

Now on to the news:

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