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Brazil: Oranges for Juicing hit a new record

.. and Pepsi will open its second largest site in Smyrna.

One of days when there is less news… which does not happen that often.

It allows for a moment to share the results from an earlier poll for an upcoming deep dive. There were hundreds of votes, a big thanks to all those who contributed.

The winner is clear and the topic will be featured in January 2024. For this month there will be a deep dive that everyone can relate to, at least, everyone who doesn’t skip breakfast… more soon.

Even though AI and Traceability were in the lead for long, 🤖 & 🦾 took over.

In case you have a newsworthy experience or example for Robotics and Automation in your own production environment, please reach out, I’d be happy to include you in the deep dive.

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Today’s Juice News

In November, pear oranges are traded in the in natura market at BRL 58.90 per box, 45.9% higher than in November last year (in real terms) and the highest of Cepea series, in nominal terms. In real terms, the current average is the highest since March 2019 and the fourth biggest considering the months of November.

Prices for pear orange and late varieties sent to the industry, in turn, have averaged BRL 49.04 per box in November, soaring 60.3% compared to November/22, in real terms, and the highest of the series.

The Board of Directors of The Coca-Cola Company today announced the election of Manuel “Manolo” Arroyo as an executive vice president of the company, effective Jan. 1, 2024. There are no changes to Arroyo’s duties as global chief marketing officer, a role he has held since January 2020.

Arroyo is responsible for global category teams; Integrated Marketing Experience, including media, digital marketing, design, marketing assets, human insights and marketing performance; marketing operations and capabilities; and the marketing transformation office.

In the present study, major chemical components in both peel and juice of pomegranate were identified. The total phenolic contents, as well as the antioxidant activities of all the 37 cultivars of pomegranates, were also clarified to compare their potential developing values.

The facility will be the largest PBNA facility in the South and second largest in the country, allowing the company to accommodate years of future business growth in the ever-expanding Greater Nashville area.

Site development is currently underway in Smyrna and the new facility is expected to open in Spring 2024.

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