🎂 9 Years of Juice News

... and how things have changed in this industry.

Yeah, although next year is a real treat, I do want to take a moment and reminisce. Today marks 9 Years of Juice News. I now realize that is the equivalent of a fourth-grader! 🤯 

Millions of emails… hundred of new contacts. Highly valuable encounters and many smiling faces. Juice News has brought me a lot since that first email to a batch of 22 recipients on the 7th of November 2014.

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It was a small start… but a good start.

Things have changed in nine years though, on my side and in the industry.

  • We have seen the Florida Citrus forecast come down from the 108M boxes on November 10th, 2014 to about 20M boxes now in 2023

  • The process of creating Juice News on a daily basis has evolved a lot: More and better management of resources, I developed my own tool to curate the news and easily publish it, and managing and growing the audience became a lot easier with newly available tools

  • After a period with an overkill of online meetings, we’re back to super intense and joyful in-person live events

  • From a pure focus on brokering, I shifted to consultancy and advisory roles within the industry

  • With even more consolidation in our market, luckily there are the young (and the restless) that are embarking on exciting new journeys in different areas of expertise and innovation:

    • Dripl fights packaging waste in the workplace with their “Refillution” (I really love their witty and sincere marketing)

    • NewTree Fruit Company has been around for a while and now takes the spotlight reducing sugar in fruit juices in a way that scales and makes sense

    • Merqato and Helios and making sure that waste and risk management is easier and more efficient for producers and buyers

    • Refresco and Open Food Chain are (still) ready to embark many other stakeholders to make Juicy Chain the transparency backbone of the industry, and

    • there is a whole list of companies entering the FMCG segment with Fermented Beverages, Personalized Nutrition, Hard Seltzers and Infused Beverages, Immunity-boosting Beverages, Mood-enhancing and Adaptogenic Drinks… you name it!

    • Some trends that have gained ground over the past 9 years:

      Increased Demand for Cold-Pressed Juices:

      There has been a marked shift towards cold-pressed juices as consumers have become more health-conscious. Unlike traditional pasteurized juices, cold-pressed juices are made with a hydraulic press to extract juice and preserve more nutrients and enzymes.

      — This trend has been part of a broader move towards wellness and clean eating, which has gained momentum with the rise of social media influencers promoting health-centric lifestyles.

      Sustainability Initiatives:

      The juice industry has seen a push for more sustainable practices, such as water conservation, energy-efficient processing, and eco-friendly packaging.

      — Global climate change discussions and agreements like the Paris Agreement have heightened awareness and driven industry-wide changes towards sustainability.

      Supply Chain Transparency:

      Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

      — Scandals concerning food safety and ethical sourcing (e.g., the horse meat scandal in Europe in 2013) have made transparency a key issue for consumers.

      Diversification of Flavors and Ingredients:

      There has been an explosion of new and exotic flavors as brands seek to differentiate themselves and cater to global tastes.

      — The globalization of food trade has made a wider range of fruits and vegetables available for juice production.

      Focus on Functional Beverages:

      Juices are not just about taste but also function, with many companies adding vitamins, minerals, and supplements to their products.

      — The COVID-19 pandemic increased the focus on immune health, leading to a surge in demand for functional beverages that support well-being.

      Technology Advances in Processing:

      Technological advancements have led to more efficient processing, longer shelf-life without preservatives, and better retention of nutritional value.

      — The tech boom and Industry 4.0 have brought innovations like High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to the fore, changing the way juices are processed and stored.

      Shifts in Sugar Content and Labeling Regulations:

      There is a significant shift towards reducing sugar content in juices and providing clearer labeling to inform consumers.

      — Global increases in obesity and diabetes rates have led to public health campaigns and regulations aimed at reducing sugar intake, such as the UK's sugar tax introduced in 2018.

      Each of these changes reflects broader societal shifts towards health, transparency, and sustainability, with various global events acting as catalysts for the transformation of the juice processing industry.

What’s next?

We need more laughs, more positivity, more motivating inspiration in our industry. And I’m happy to bring it and inspire new thoughts, new developments.

In the coming months, my focus with Juice News is on more in-depth articles that give both insights and inspiration (You’ll need a PRO membership to read them in full). Further, as my database is taking shape, soon the Juice News PRO members will get a first taste of having access to a growing directory of stakeholders in the juice and beverage industry.

And yes, I am exploring the opportunities that AI is offering, but only want to embark when it serves you, the reader, and when it works in a stable, consistent way. For now, it is mostly the imagery used in the daily editions.

Even AI makes a typo every now and then… 😀 

As usual, not 1 year is the same and no matter what we have experienced previously, there is always a new curveball Mother Nature has up her sleeve… I am happy that I am a solution driven person, as this industry keeps me young and alert!

Onwards and upwards! Into the 10th year of publication!


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Happy Anniversary!