The Pickle Juice Company Announces European Retail Expansion

Based on the success of our product in the North American, Pan Pacific and South African Markets coupled with the high level of awareness among elite sports teams and athletes in Europe makes this an ideal time for expansion into the UK and EU.

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Skin care product repurposes Olive Oil, Ketchup and Mandarin Juice Waste For its cleanser and moisturizer, My Skin Feels helps to give new life to nutrient-dense mandarin fruit juice waste as an alternative to "new water" in its products, as well as antioxidant-packed by-products from the olive oil industry and tomato ketchup waste.
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US Department of Commerce has suspended the antidumping duty investigation on white grape juice concentrate (WGJC) from Argentina The basis for this action is an agreement between Commerce and signatory producers/exporters accounting for substantially all imports of WGJC from Argentina, wherein each signatory producer/exporter has agreed to revise its prices to eliminate completely the injurious effects of exports of the subject merchandise to the United States.