Privacy Policy

Please be informed of the following regarding what indupro tracks when one uses the site or the newsletter of juice news. Most of this is to provide users of the site and recipients of the daily emails the most pleasant user experience.

Google Analytics

juice news c/o indupro uses Google Analytics to track visits of the domain Data from this service (like visitors’ country of origin, browser type, duration of visit) is being used by indupro and indupro only, for the purpose of improvement and future development of the website.
No data is being made available to others.


juice news c/o indupro uses Mailchimp 1 to generate, style and send the daily mailings to all subscribers. Mailchimp tracks opens and clicks within each email. Besides that, Mailchimp is being used to securely store all email addresses and names of all subscribers. 2-Factor Authentication is being used to increase security and reduce risk of un-authorised access.
No data is being made available to others.

  1. this is a referral link that gives me - a long time Mailchimp user - a little kickback and does not influence your pricing should you decide on using a paid plan of Mailchimp.↩︎