Florida Citrus April 2023 Forecast (unchanged from March)

Florida All Orange Production Unchanged from March Forecast. Florida Non-Valencia Orange Unchanged. Florida Valencia Orange Production Unchanged. Florida All Grapefruit Production Up 6 Percent. Florida All Tangerine and Tangelo Unchanged.

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2022-2023 Final Orange Crop Update Brazil Total orange crop production update: 314.21 million boxes (decrease of 0.6%). Hamlin, Westin and Rubi: 58.04 million boxes (unchanged). Other early season: 16.69 million boxes (unchanged). Pera Rio: 96.35 million boxes (unchanged). Valencia and Valencia Folha Murcha: 105.01 million boxes (decreased of 1.1%). Natal: 38.12 million boxes (decreased of 2.2%).
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