One year of juice news

On November 27th 2015, I sent out the 250th edition of juice news. It took about a year and a week to get to this point and it is a nice marker to look back and reflect.

All things start small

When I sent out the first edition of juice news (on November the 7th of 2014), it was received by a stunning 22 subscribers. Edition #0010 was sent to 44 people and #0045 to 66. Nothing to brag about and I was well aware that I had to grow this list slowly and surely.

The year has learned me a lot, not just about what people tend to require from a newsletter, but also that the numbers are not that important. The continuous process of people subscribing to the newsletter and then signing out after a certain period of time has made that the list increased in quality profoundly.

As I send this newsletter with my personal signature and in my company’s name, the quality of my readership is more important than the quantity. At the same time, the quantity makes for viability of the newsletter. The overall ratio right now is one to be proud of: The list is a very good representation of the juice industry and related industries.

So I am happy how the readership has grown over the past year: both organically and through asking kindly. Yes, I approached people to start reading juice news. Reason for this quite simple. Time and focus.

There is one trend within the feedback I receive: People are happy not to have to sift through all kinds of news from different sources, as they simply do not have the time to do so. But at the same time, this indicates that busy people do not have the time nor focus to even search for a service like the one I offer. Hence my pro-active move to approach somebody and make them aware.

What will the future bring

Now that the readership has increased to a very respectable volume close to 800 people, it is time to prepare the next step. One of the primary things that needs attention is making it easier to share the updates. Various organisations have asked to allow the curated headlines to be published on their own websites. This was not possible, but in due course of time it will be.

Furthermore, the potential involvement of the readers will be increased over the year, both in reactive and pro-active format. The latter referring to an easy way to make juice news aware of interesting articles and resources from our juice industry.

In line with pro-actively providing information and various requests for other information, during the course of the year I will launch a second project that will put the juice industry into full focus. Keep an eye on the newsletter and you will be notified when details will be revealed.

As usual, I am very open for suggestions, remarks and requests, so do not hesitate to contact me directly via