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indupro’s main focus is to create and maintain strong, long-lasting Fruitful Connections. In order to provide this service to our principals (producers) and buyers, information is key. I am happy and privileged that I have a father who has been part of the juice industry since the late 60’s and who has given me extensive background knowledge. Yet the day to day information, market news, economic and financial news, political changes that influence our industry, all are of great importance to swift decision making.


Over the past few years, my appreciation of the most important source of information — Foodnews — has sunk quite deeply. Biggest influence for this is the ever steeper price for subscription, the obligation to take a paper print version that arrives a week after publication date and the lack of tailored content… no, I am not interested in the latest news on skip tuna and almonds.

Having given Neil Murray (Foodnews Editor), Ian Heart (Managing Editor) and Denise Sainty (Informa Subscriptions) my way more than 2 cents on how Foodnews could be updated/upgraded to the needs of a new generation (I think I am allowed to represent), with no satisfying discount or forthcoming gesture back… it was time to cut the cord.

So in June of 2013, when renewal of the subscription for Foodnews was due, for the first time since its existence, we did not invest the hefty EUR 2.255,– (currently EUR 2.350,– per year) for receiving some of the juice industry’s news a couple of hours earlier than others1

juice news

So, with some budget left to spend elsewhere, I decided to combine my hobby (an above average interest in online technology) with my business expertise: In June/July of 2013 I started outlining the basics for a website that gives a real-time overview of what is going on in the juice industry.

I will not go in the technical details, but here is the idea, based on my personal professional need: Give me a screen that shows me the latest “headlines for the juice industry” (hey, there goes the tagline!), the price of the orange futures , make sure it updates automagically and give me the ability to share news to that site too.

Coming back to Foodnews: With the daily updates they supply, in the end you receive some of that news a couple of hours earlier, before it is also available via non-subscription channels. Creating something without charging for it allows for that time-lag, as it does give you the advantage of not having to search for the news, or be depending on 1 (not always un-biased) source.

This all led to the current roadmap for “juice news — curated headlines for the juice industry”, located at the only appropriate domain for this:

Walk first, then run

The aim of juice news is simple: show you the latest juice industry related news. While I am working on the full version, I will start very simple with hand-picked articles, curated from a vast amount of resources I have collected over the years. The curated content is put together and being sent to those subscribed to the juice news mailing list.

What we will not have

  • a full editorial team that must be paid, shares personal stories spiced up with pictures of their favorite cat,
  • that banner that asks you to login and/or pay for the rest of the story
  • more than the 2 ads on the website and the 2 ads in the mail digest
  • fancy images and big infographics and stuff
  • weekly knitting competitions (love the fact that Innocence maintains this tradition though)
  • third parties that suddenly approach you on your work email for the latest weight-loss miracle because we sold your email address (really, we hate junk and spam, so will not contribute to this.)


Share the fact that juice news is out there and freely available to everybody:

  • best: word of mouth. Tell somebody, that you are really happy about this new resource that curates the juice news and saves you a ton of time
  • subscribe to the newsletter and forward it to those you consider suitable

So far for now. I will track how this goes, before jumping to other options that are already on the roadmap. I am very open to critique, suggestions and improvements, so please, feel free to share your thoughts. You can email me directly at

  1. Yes, I am fully aware that it is way more than just that… yet I trust you catch my drift. The other thing is that I believe that we are in a period where past data are important to generate a view on the future, but that certain news becomes old really quickly. No matter, there is room for a curated point of focus. Looking at the actual behaviour of the average Foodnews reader (I know a few… ), most of the “usage” of what Foodnews offers goes into the (daily) news and present day prices, way less into usage of old data.